Shellock in SIL Barcelona 2019

Shellock Real Time Tracking Service for Shipping Containers Team with Youngship Spain President

In July 2019, we are thankful to have had the opportunity to present at Youngship Spain’s event in Barcelona. Youngship are a fantastic organisation who bring together some of the most talented and forward-thinking individuals and companies in the maritime and logistics industry from all over Europe and beyond. There are over 3000 members of their organisation, and the experience provided at the event was phenomenal. The event was a fantastic opportunity to network, connect, share ideas and overcome challenges which face the sector entering the 2020s

We would like to extend our thanks to Javier, President of Youngship for Spain, for inviting us. Within the article written in El Canal, you can find Shellock being noted as on of the “significant standouts” of the event, one which has helped to progress our development. The link to the article can be found here.