At Shellock, we specialise in providing real-time visibility to our customers with a combination of efficient software and effective hardware. Whether you are tracking individual packages, or full-sized containers on vessels, Shellock provides asset visibility in all stages of the journey, including the critical last-mile.

The Shellock eShell device and App Dashboard mean you can track your device globally using our combination of location and positioning systems for precise global tracking, even if the shipment is on open waters.

Our knowledgable team understand the frustrations that our customers face, and have tailored our solution specifically to you, to resolve the issue a lack of visibility brings.

App Dashboard

Consistent, reliable and accurate information at your fingertips.

The App Dashboard is designed to receive data and present it in the most efficient way. The App sends you notification alerts on location updates, arrival to destination, tamper alert, and changes to light, temperature and motion. 

Alerts can be received as frequently as your journey may require, though we find our customers opt for one alert every 30 mins when in transit. 

We know every shipment is different, that’s why the app can be automated to increase notification frequency towards the last-mile of the shipment, and decreased within the first few days of the shipment. Customisable, and secure through our app. 



Tracking device

No complicated set-up.  Attach your device, track your shipment, see your visibility.

The Shellock eShell combines portability and instant set-up without compromising functionality. The device can track location, temperature, light, and motion, and has a battery life of up to 5 years, depending on frequency of alerts required. 

The device uses 4G, 2G and GPS Systems to collect and transmit information, allowing for truly global coverage. The Magnetic bracket allows for the device to be positioned almost anywhere, and allows for easy placement at the start of a shipment. 


We are constantly working to improve our services and hardware. If you have any specific questions with regards to our services which you do not find here, please contact us as for your support enquires.