At Shellock, we specialise in providing real-time visibility to our customers with a combination of efficient software and effective hardware. Whether you are tracking individual packages, or full-sized containers on vessels, Shellock provides asset visibility in all stages of the journey, including the critical last-mile.

The Shellock eShell device and App Dashboard mean you can track your device globally using our combination of location and positioning systems for precise global tracking, even if the shipment is on open waters. Collected data can be analyzed and download to understand what is hindering your operations.

Our knowledgable team understand the frustrations that our customers face, and have tailored our solution specifically to you, to resolve the issue a lack of visibility brings.

Web dashboard

A single dashboard to manage your shipments

Your assets at a glance

Anywhere in world, you’ll be under control of your shipments and cargo independently of whether they are at the warehouse, on the road or at sea. Just in seconds.
Gain all the information concerning each shipment and access it visually. You can configure your custom alerts and relax because if anything happens, you’ll be notified instantly.

Track your shipments and access to the details

  • End-to-end tracking, including last-mile
  • Assets management
  • Instant custom notifications:
    • Temperature
    • Light detection
    • Arrival
    • Idle
  • Historic data log
  • Upload documents
  • Shareable info by profile
  • Nearshore vessels tracking
  • Integrable API
  • Web browser platform
Use case of tracking a shipping container from USA to Europe of CoLoadX with Shellock


A grab-and-play IoT device

  • Worldwide coverage: 2G & 4G
  • Location: GPS, Wifi, AGPS, LBS
  • Motion and tamper instant alerts
  • 5 years battery life at 1 ping/day
  • 1 year of battery life in intensive use
  • Operative range -20ºC to +70ºC
  • Built-in magnet: install it in seconds
  • IP67
  • Attachable to any type of shipment
  • Reusable
  • Measurements are saved when there’s no connectivity
  • Certifications CE, RoHS, FCC
eShell, Shellock's IoT device

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