Our beliefs on our work, team and future

We believe our customers’ priority is attending their own purpose. We facilitate them seamlessly having clear information. We want to help them simplify their work, and the work of their partners. Shellock brings to light the happenings and connects it with the right team. We put ourselves in their shoes, to provide an experience that answers their efficiency, safety and environmental footprint expectations.

1. Trust & Freedom

We are passion-driven individuals on a quest to evolve how goods, teams and transports are connected. In the same manner, we believe that as individuals we need to nurture and fulfil the different areas of our lives. In Shellock we align ourselves with our values to create a community that supports the individual and organization’s aspirations. With transparency between us, we trust our genuineness to have freedom to act.

2. Dreaming Big

We have a holistic view and we aim at connecting the different aspects. We believe happiness and love are the most important tools to be effective. We take care about our community with social events and an inspiring space. As a fine-tuned, ambitious and disciplined team, our actions energize us and propell us to evolve and deliver the impossible at all levels. We dream big, and materialize our vision.

3. We are one

Our main team criteria is to evolve personally and professionally by providing our service. We see society as one, free from national, religious or cultural barriers. Each uniqueness brings an occasion to celebrate diversity. You’ll find us celebrating the 17th of May, Christmas, 4th of July, Ramadan and many other festivities. When we refer to ‘us’ or our people we refer to all of us humans. We have fun together making this a more satisfying and fulfilling planet where diversity and inclusion is a celebrated norm.

4. We have you covered

We reach success when all of us do. As an ambitious and high performing team, we’ll go together through challenges and achievements to accomplish our mission: to connect with shipments and provide transparency. Our culture acknowledges we are human and we need to care about all of our areas. We nurture the team with treats, gratitude and events. We all perform at our best when we are happy, surrounded with our friends, and trust and support each other.

5. We create

The Shellock team sticks together to shape a better present for the community. We share our desires and ambitions and together we bring into reality this amazing outcomes in a safe environment. This is not only true for our products, but also for our personal journey. Our routines and activities are designed to put us in the flow state and facilitate our transformation and contribution to the community.

6. Growth

Just like the ocean that is endless and at the same time connects all shores, we believe that magic happens when we are able to connect with our innermost essence and bring it into light. Together we evolve as a connected team. We set us in an ambitious journey of growth to reach our potential and be able to express our best self, which is then reflected in delivering the most innovative and fulfiling outcomes.

7. Excellence

We will never compromise our values. Shellock will never associate with entities nor individuals that disregard the personal fulfilment, safety and the environment as non-important. We care and nurture our team and partners, whom we see as one connected community on a quest towards excellence.

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