• How does Shellock’s device and app work?
    Shellock combines the eShell IoT device with the application to present all the information required for visibility of shipments
  • What can be tracked?
    Our device is capable of tracking anything from small single item shipments to full containers with cargo on round shipments.
  • How long can the battery last
     The battery can last up to 5 years at 1 reading per day. With constant readings every 30 mins the battery can last 4 months.  
  • How long does it take to install the device
    The eShell is a plug-and-play device which is instantly connectable when turned on, and is ready to go upon delivery.
  • How far can I travel with the device
    There is no limit to the device, as we use global 2G & 4G connectivity to ensure a consistent supply of data
  • Is there issues with customs?
    The active eShells are attached to the shipments and are treated as any other tool or packaging. It is not necessary to declare it at customs since you are not importing or exporting it, you already paid for the eShells and its VAT and you are now using them, not selling it at your destination.
  • Is the device reusable when discharged?
    Our current eShell 1.0 is not rechargeable, however, sustainability is an important value to us at Shellock, and we are constantly seeking ways to maintain our fantastic features and also incorporate charging capabilities.
  • What sensors are on the eShell?
    The eShell comes standard with Motion, Light, Temperature, and Location
  • What alerts can the app provide?
    The App can be programmed to alert you for: arrival to the destination, temperature, no movement / idle, tamper alert
  • How often can I measure my device through the app?
    The shortest measurement ping setting is every 5 mins  ping. Our clients at the moment use 30m-1hr pings , up to 24hrs pings. The Last mile can be tracked more frequently compared to start of the voyage, to decrease the risk of issues later in the shipment. 
  • Where can I find pricing for my needs?
    Pricing options are available from contact through our team. Please email your queries to contact@shellcok.co, and we can help to answer any questions you may have
  • How accurate is the location?
    The eShell combines different technologies to provide the location of the goods. GPS technology requires direct exposure to the sky to receive signal from satellites. The signal can cross glass, plastic and thin surfaces, but when the sensor is under solid ceilings it cannot get an accurate location, like in underground parkings, factories, or under a stack of containers. Shellock overcomes this limitation by additionally triangulating the location based on cell-towers and wifi networks available in the area. With this combination of technologies we provide an accurate location under most cases throughout the journey, all along the supply chain.