eShell tracker

Small, competitive and reliable

Our smallest device is the size of a wallet. It is great to track one-way shipments and your fleet of assets. It comes with a built-in magnet and a M3 sticky band. It is installed in seconds and soon after you’ll start receiving updates.

The eShell connects internationally to more than 620 networks without roaming. With up to 5 years of battery life, a robust and waterproof enclosure, it provides a great location accuracy globally by combining a GPS sensor, WiFi sniffing and cell tower triangulation. The multiple sensors include temperature, motion or static conditions and tamper attempt alerts, this handy device tracks reliably.

Enable easily tracking of any type of asset. You can define the frequency of the updates and the measurements will be available via API and the web platform, which is included with the device. Typical use cases are tracking trailers, cases, tools, containers and refrigerated goods among others.

The eShell specs

eShell, Shellock's IoT device

Small & light

The size of a wallet: 81mm x 66mm x 33mm.

Weights just 195gr.


Global coverage

Connects to +620 networks

NB-IoT, 4G and 2G fallback

Very precise location

GPS location: 5m accuracy.

WiFi: 25m accuracy

Cell tower: 500m accuracy


Environmental sensors

Temperature ±1,5ºC precission

Motion and light detection


Remote management

Configure the updates frequency

Transmission frequency from 5min to 24h


Very long battery life

Loaded with 8100mAh and an ultra low discharge rate.

Up to 5 years of battery life at 1 ping per day.

About 1 year of battery life with frequent tracking.


Sturdy, waterproof and reliable

Operative range between -20ºC to +70ºC

Waterproof: IP67

Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC

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