CoLoadX Container Export from the US Case Study

CoLoadX California Ohio Italy

CoLoadX – Container Export from the US First mile, maritime transit and last mile tracking in a single dashboard “What was unique and very very helpful was to have the connection to the vessel. We could see when the ship was getting close to the Azores and it was a delight to see that far […]

DeepOcean Case Study

DeepOcean Ship

Maritime, road and air tracking Complete end-to-end visibility across all possible means of transportation “There was a delay we did not know of. By the time I received a call from the agency Shellock had already notified me where the equipment was. This is very helpful to keep track of our equipment and clarify when […]

KTM – End-to-end tracking across Europe

Tracking all across Europe From the first to the last mile, a completely visible land transport “If it wasn’t for Shellock, we would have waited for more than half a day for each update. The stakeholders were surprised we were ahead of the game with reliable and timely updates” Anders Sandvik, Chief Commercial Officer of […]