About Shellock


Facilitate transparency of shipments to fulfill its potential.

Shellock is driven by the digitalization, transparency and visibility needs. Our end goal is improving the performance, safety, and minimizing the environmental footprint of transport. By having the shipment connected, its information and conditions are transparently to enable a seamless flow of goods.

Shellock Shipping Container Real Time Tracking Container Yard



We present ourselves the way we are, genuine and transparent. This trust in our integrity and capabilities facilitates the relationship between the team, customers and partners. We aim at enabling this same transparency for shipments to enable the best possible service.


We acknowledge successful projects integrate satisfactory personal, professional and environmental outcomes. Shellock nurtures and respects the community to evolve our service and prime each contributor.

The Team

Naval Architect

Connection enthusiast

IT Systems


Our Story

Shellock started out of the desire to have shipments connected and safe in the end-to-end of transport. We started the following Monday after ranking 2nd at the Techstars’ first Maritime and Blue Logistics Startup Weekend in Barcelona in 2019. We had the trust of our first pilot customers and the ambition to have them covered.



2020 wasn’t an easy year. Despite the lockdown and restrictions, Shellock won the Bank of Santander’s Explorer incubation program, the Panama CAPATEC innovation program and the Flow Acceleration, that led the company establishing its HQ in Norway. This early exposure to international flow of goods enabled to evolve the service quickly.



The general restrictions were still in place in 2021 and it didn’t stop us from winning the StartUp Norway’s Angel Challenge and securing our first investment round. By the ned of the year the product wasn’t any longer a MVP and we had seamlessly tracked shipments overseas.



During 2022 the team had found early adopters but still the product had to be developed further to exceed expectations. The team completed Chicago’s 1871 program and had the chance to meet the industry leaders. This and other events proved to be priceless learnings. The company had to evolve if it was to reach a new level.


It is too early to tell about 2023, nonetheless you can drop a line to be part of our story: contact@shellock.co.