About Shellock


To bring real-time visibility and transparency to shipments

We are driven by the need to provide shipments end-to-end digitalization, transparency and visibility. Our end goal is improving performance, safety, and minimizing the environmental footprint of logistics and supply chains. By providing the shipment information and its conditions, we enable anticipative and automated  management.

Shellock Shipping Container Real Time Tracking Container Yard



Like in any relationship, confidence in our integrity, reliability and fairness enables us to establish meaningful bonds between the team, customers and partners. We aim to provide this same transparency regarding the status of shipments to the supply chain.

Data first

We collect, analyse and provide data. In the same manner, we take informed decisions based on data.


Shellock takes continuous incremental small steps to improve the overall performance, quality and effectiveness of our offerings. We acknowledge where we are, and we embrace lean change to achieve excellence.

Whole picture

We strive for providing value to all agents in the supply chain without detriment to other parties. Our developments and procedures produce a positive impact at a personal, professional and environmental level.

The Team

Naval Architect

& technology promoter

Computer Science Engineer

& startup enthusiast

MSc International Business

& digital native

IT Systems

& everything-as-code promoter

Our Story

At Techstars’ first Maritime and Blue Logistics Startup Weekend conducted in Barcelona in 2019, a bunch of dreamers and doers got together to provide real-time shipments visibility. After a weekend of hard work, we pitched our idea and showcased a functional prototype developed in just 2 days. We ranked 2nd, and and by the end of that day we had gained our first pilot customers. In order to provide value to the industry, we knew we needed much more than that. The Shellock team needed to accelerate the development of their solution, and started cooperating with relevant organizations in the ecosystem such as Startup Wharf, the University of Barcelona’s StartUB! and YoungShip.


Shellock was admitted into Bank of Santander’s incubation program Explorer in 2020. We competed against more than 400 and ranked 1st. The lessons learnt through that program allowed the team to go international. Shellock won the CAPATEC tech competition for the potential impact in the Panama Canal, and the Norwegian Flow Maritime Accelerator. The success and traction achieved in that program saw us establishing the company in Norway, from where we kept growing and serving the international supply chains.


In 2021 new challenges were undertaken, starting with StartUp Norway’s Angel Challenge. With over 100 startups entering, Shellock emerged as one of the winners, and secured its first investment round. This allowed to complete the first large scale international deployments by having developed the product to a higher standards, and supply the demand for digitalization and visibility in logistics.


Following our embedded belief in innovation and value bringing solutions, Shellock keeps pursuing new challenges and opportunities. With team members in Norway, Spain, and Scotland, Shellock is a truly digital-native company serving the needs of a digitally evolving and interconnected world.

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