The new intelligent Seal for Containers

Let your containers be safe and monitored in real time and avoid any uncertainty. Shellock allows you to keep track of your assets at every step of the supply chain. With real time monitoring you can remotelly have full control. Now it is possible to react inmediatly at any  sudden incidence. Avoid any hassle and optimize your containers management.


Real Time Tracking

Get all the updated information and location of your assets in your phone or check it online. Visualize all the data and metrics at the app’s dashboard. 


No Cables

Just lock the container with the hellock and start receiving data. The batery lasts a year and a half, and by the time it runs off we will make sure you have another fully charged Shellock.


Security Alerts

Shall any unexpected event happen, you will immediately receive an alert at your phone.


No Installation Costs

Simply place the seal at the container door. It is really that straightforward.


Reusable Seals

The Shellock can be placed in any number of containers. When you want to track another container, change the Shellock to the new container and update the container id at your dashboard to keep receiving data.

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