Global asset visibility

Shellock offers an off-the-shelf global IoT solution for end-to-end  tracking. Valuable shipments and transiting assets digitalization anywhere in the world to empower teams with data.

Certainties to increase performance

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Collect information

Collect structured sensor data for the end-to-end of operations anywhere in the world. You decide how to access to the data, via the cloud API or the Shellock platform.

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Track your assets

Connect to almost any 2G and 4G network globally to receive reliably the location, conditions and any alerts that risk operations. All the roaming agreements are already in place for you to focus on your operations.

Shellock eShell tracker device for shipping containers

End-to-end visibility

The eShell is installed in seconds, and lasts for up to 5 years. Gain data reliably about your assets and enjoy updating automatically your team and stakeholders. Complete visibility.

End-to-end Visibility

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Transparent information and data analytics

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Safety & Risk

Efficient & resilient data-driven operations

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Meet the sustainability goals


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Accurate, reliable and timely datasets to efficiently manage your fleet of assets. Operations run smoothly, enabling automations and transparency on the actual status, that further increases your team and partners satisfaction.

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  1. Grab the eShell
  2. Place it with the assets
  3. See all data online

The tracker is installed in seconds, and seconds later you’ll start receiving updates. Off-the-shelf international connectivity are already in place for you. Just pay for the used network and features as you go .


With a battery that last for years, you can focus on your operations , now enabled  to take informed decisions.

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